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by on 29/12/2011

A lot of brides are not sure what to expect of mobile hairdressers Melbourne….

When first looking for a mobile wedding hairdresser or a mobile makeup artist, it is important to be aware of a few things:

1. How qualified are they? Any one can advertise themselves in bridal magazines. The best mobile hair and makeup Melbourne are usually the ones who get to provide the hair and makeup for the magazines not put ads in them. It is hard for an artist to say they have had over 10 years experience if they haven’t. It is said it take 10,000 hours to become good at something, so that would be 6 years fulltime. This is why I believe the best artists have well over 6 years experience.

2. How many photos do they have to show you? 1 or 2 brides on a website at all different angles is not saying much about the mobile hair and makeup artist. Yes it’s true… we become the forgotten ones 6 months down the track when the bride gets her photos. But I average out that I can chase up about 20-25% of the photos. SOOOO… that would mean for every 20 brides I would have done 100.  So for a website that is kept up to date, there should be recent hair and makeup photos.

3. How they are at the trial… This is the BIG one. WOW, what I have heard lately from brides…. There is a big problem with either hairdressers who never learnt hair ups (A normal hairdressing certificate only teaches the 3 basic hair ups, I know because I taught for years!) So these hairdressers leave a hair salon, become a mobile hairdresser (Melbourne is know for this) They don’t understand the concept of hair ups. The other major thing I have heard lately is the mobile hairdresser is saying she know how to use hair extensions, however the pictures I have seen a a disgrace! These “stylists” have NO IDEA!!!

My advice is: GET A TRIAL AND GET IT EARLY!!!!

If for some reason you are not happy, you will have time to book someone else.

AND: don’t book based on price!!!

Get the best mobile hairdressers Melbourne has to offer!

Here is Layla, one of our hair and makeup artists at work preparing the bride

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